African Restaurant Near Me in Hamilton, Ontario

African Restaurant in Hamilton

Hamilton’s Newest African Restaurant

It’s the weekend and you’re tired of cooking. Looking for some phenomenal food with a great atmosphere? Then you need to try out Hamilton’s newest African restaurant, Afrolicious. The food is authentic and the vibe is right. No need to worry about breaking any of those New Year’s resolutions because African food, although rich and flavourful, is one of the healthiest cuisines out there.

Natural and Organic

African cuisine is all about using natural and organic products. It’s all about keeping and enhancing the natural flavors of the food. Using methods such as boiling, steaming in leaves, grilling, and roasting. All these methods bring out the natural flavors of the food.

Lowers Cancer Risk

Westerners love their animal protein and high-fat foods whereas African cuisine uses a lot of fiber and whole-food carbohydrates but is low in fat, oils, and protein which lowers the risk of cancer. You’ll notice the use of “good carbs” a lot of vegetables and a whole lot of flavor.

Low Sodium

Westerners love adding salt to their food thinking it makes it taste better. African cuisine relies on the natural flavors of their food with the addition of spices such as cumin, saffron, iru, kan kan kan, za’atar, mitmita, berbere, and ras el hanout.

High in Fiber

We all know that a diet high in fiber is good for us. It also increases the feeling of fullness, which helps with less consumption of food and fewer calories. Fiber-rich foods you’ll find in African cuisine are fruits, vegetables, maize, fonio, millet, beans, and cocoyam.

Low in Fat

Diets high in fat not only lead to obesity but a myriad of other health issues. Because African cuisine is low in animal protein and high in fruit, vegetables, and fiber it also makes it low in fat. Using natural and organic ingredients also contributes to a low-fat diet.

African cuisine is rich in nutrients, rich in flavor, and a sight to behold. Presentation is just as important as taste. So if you’re looking for a new restaurant to try out you need to come to Afrolicious. As soon as you walk in the door all five of your senses with be awakened. You gotta eat here!