African Food Restaurant in Hamilton Downtown

African Restaurant Hamilton, ON

African Restaurant Hamilton, ON

More and more people are enjoying African cuisine as it continues to grow in popularity. Hamilton, ON is the new home to a fast-growing popular African restaurant named Afrolicious. It carries succulent African cuisine, its decor is a work of art, and you can enjoy the vibrant music of afro beats on the weekend.

What is African Food?

Traditional African cuisine is a combination of seed and plant-based and doesn’t typically have its foods imported. The food used in African cooking is either grown or found at the market. It’s full of flavourful spices and aromatics and cooked with little oil. Traditional everyday cuisine is made up of a lot of vegetables as meat is usually left for special occasions.

Benefits of African Cuisine

African food is not like Western cuisine. They steer clear of microwavable and processed foods. It’s natural with natural spices for flavor.

  • High in Fiber –Using ingredients such as millet, cassava, corn, and plantain, adds huge amounts of fiber. Fiber is great for protecting the intestinal track and lessening bowels and lowering cholesterol.
  • Low Sodium – Traditional cooking relies on spices and herbs to season their food, not salt. Whereas Western food is loaded with sodium which increases blood pressure and can cause many other health problems.
  • Low Fat – African cuisine is lower in fat as its meals consist of more fruits, vegetables, and starches. When meat is used it is lean.
  • Natural/Organic – Traditional cuisine uses food taken directly from the land that was planted using organic natural seeds and the meat raised in their own backyard.
  • Healthy Cooking Methods – African cooking doesn’t use a lot of oil and deep-frying. Most dishes are prepared through grilling, boiling, and steaming.
  • Variety – The variety in African cooking is endless and this also helps your body to take in all the essential nutrients that it needs.

If you’re looking for a new and unique spot to discover with a good vibe, great food, and even a little live music then you need to experience Afrolicious. It is the newest and hottest spot in Hamilton. Food is to die for and the atmosphere is like none other. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not? Looking for a great place to destress after work and to let loose with a couple of friends on a Friday night? Come see us at Afrolicious! We can’t wait to see you!