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African Restaurant in Hamilton, ON

African cuisine is gaining popularity in the western world because it’s a cuisine that is healthy, filled with big bold flavors, and contains a whole lot of superfoods. African cuisine is as diverse as its landscape and you can find great food from any part of its continent. Although when asked about African cuisine most would say lamb or Moroccan style couscous there is so much more to explore and discover. Just like with any other ethnically diverse cuisine each part of Africa contains its own local fruits, vegetables, and spices that make up its own distinct dishes to that region.

North African flavors have been developed through their connection with the Mediterranean. With foods like olives and spices such as cinnamon and saffron. Despite the Mediterranean influence they still have their own special and unique flavors like a spicy harissa paste used in marinades.

In East Africa, they have influences from Indian and Middle Eastern spices. Whereas West Africa tends to use fewer spices compared to their neighbors in the North and East but still love their hot peppers. Now South Africa has the most global influence when it comes to its cuisine. The South’s cuisine is a combined influence of Dutch, Malay, African, and French cuisine.

A Look At Our Menu

Jollof Rice

This dish comes from West Africa. It is made up of rice, tomatoes, spices, meat, and vegetables. It is all brought together in one pot. It has a unique sweet taste with a subtle hint of spiciness.

Fish Kisumu

This dish is served either fried or grill depending on your preference. The fish is served whole using either Tilapia, Sea Bass, or Red Snapper. Served with the house kachumbari and an African hot sauce to add to its already incredible flavors.


Mushikaki is a famous East African BBQ meat delicacy. We use your choice of chicken, lamb, or tofu. The meat comes out tender and moist and the flavour will have you dancing in your seat and grinning from ear to ear.

Sweet Puff Puffs

This is the perfect way to finish off a meal brought to you all the way from Nigeria. It is a deep-fried doughnut served drizzled with either chocolate or caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream.

Is your mouth watering yet? African cuisine is where it is at and it’s healthy too! So if you’re looking to try something new and you’re feeling a little adventurous then you need to eat at the new Afrolicious here in Hamilton, ON. Between the atmosphere and the food, you’ll feel like you’re on your own little vacation to the mother country. Give us a call today to make your reservation, or get food to go. You gotta eat here!